Write For Me

I welcome contributors! I’m looking to work with experienced writers to help us produce some amazing content on this blog. Writing for Earthcom will give you the opportunity to reach people that love all things entrepreneurship. You’ll also get the SEO value of 2 dofollow links to your blog (as long as it is relevant to our niche and the post in question).

Some guidelines to follow:

  • Your posts must be 100% unique. We will of course, run your content through our plagiarism checker to ensure this.
  • Make sure your content adds value. We like actionable posts that people have key takeaways from.
  • Come up with an amazing title that grabs the readers attention. The title is what sells the content so make sure you spend some time coming up with a great one.
  • Write in a conversational tone. People can relate more to your content if you’re writing like you’re their friend. This type of tone is what tends to work best when it comes to blogging.
  • Source any claims you make. Link to resources that prove any claims you’re making. The last thing we want is people making claims with nothing to back it up!
  • Please don’t write in a promotional tone just so you can place your link in the right part of the text. These posts will be rejected immediately.

Send an email with your guest post ideas to yasoof212@mail.com