The Importance of Logo’s for Branding

Your logo is your brand’s’ seal. It talks to your customers and lets them know what your brand is all about. People remember logos. If your one stands out from the rest it can definitely help marketing strategy on the whole.

Logo’s are the face of your company. A graphical display of your businesses unique identity. You express your company’s values through the colours and shape of your insignia. Logos act as a baseline for colour schemes and design choice on your entire website as well as offline print material.

There are a few steps to having a successful logo for your company.

Principles of Logo Design

A great logo design should invoke intrigue in a prospect. It should communicate some information about your company. Let’s give you an example. Tech companies tend to have angular logo’s to convey the speed of their service, while service-based organisations tend to have more rounded logo’s to convey a sense of trust.

Identity of Your Brand

Your logo is one of the largest visual components of your business. It appears on your website, business cards and any offline marketing materials you have. Basically, anything that represents your brand will have your logo on it. This is why it is essential to have a logo that conveys the right message to your target market.

An amateur logo created on Microsoft Paint will put prospective customers off for sure. This is why it’s so important to spend time crafting a logo that matches your company values and speaks to your target market in the right way.

Your logo forms the foundation of your overall brand identity. You can’t build an amazing tower without a solid foundation.

Getting Your Money Back

A beautifully designed logo that conveys the right message to your target market will definitely pay for itself. How? Because your customers will grow to know, like and trust your brand. They will think about your products and/or services every time they see your logo. This typically results in increased returning customer sales as well as helping to foster long-term relationships with consumers.

Common Pitfalls

Many smaller businesses often move too quickly when it comes to logo design. They miss out the finer details and in doing so, end up with a half-finished product. Some businesses also tend to recreate their logo’s for different uses which results in a lack of brand consistency as people notice slightly different designs.

Pay attention to the smaller details and don’t be afraid to invest in by getting a professional to design your logo for you. You probably won’t change your logo anytime soon so it’s worth investing in something that will stay current and help attract the people you want in your business.