How To Find Your Next Entrepreneurial Opportunity

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you probably have dozens of business ideas floating around in your head about your next opportunity. Deciding which idea to actually manifest into reality can be quite a challenge. A significant factor in your decision making is reliant on your passions and interests. You want to start a business that you will actually enjoy working on everyday.

If your problem is that you don’t have any ideas at all, there are plenty of lists of online business ideas that you can look through for some inspiration.


Going back to the entrepreneur who has five million ideas floating around in their head. A fatal blow to this kind of person is not taking the time to focus and narrow down your efforts onto one particular idea at a time.

Entrepreneurship is tough as it is. You don’t want to be juggling five thousands different ideas at the same time. Multitasking is bullshit. It’s not real. We cannot really focus effectively on more than one task at a time.

If you’re a millennial, a key part of your puzzle could be finding a business to start so you can avoid getting a typical desk job.

These three key insights will help you in your entrepreneurial venture efforts:

Gauge Prospective Customer Feedback

A fresh entrepreneurial idea shouldn’t be a kept a secret. Reactions from prospective customers are far more valuable than secrecy of an idea. This is especially true when you’re trying to figure out which ideas you want to focus all your efforts on.

Some important questions when gauging prospective customers are:

  • What’s their reaction when you first tell them about your idea?
  • Do they ask questions about it or change the topic of conversation?
  • Do they have further questions about your idea or do they just wish you good luck with it?

Any type of audience is potentially a customer for your business, these reactions can really help you decide on which product to focus on.

If you’ve got a nice amount of interest for an idea, its type to turn that idea into a physical thing, in the form of a prototype! A prototype is a legitimate representation of what your product will do.

Master Many Skills

Having a primary skill set like marketing or content writing is part of the foundations of being a successful entrepreneur. The problem is that having just one of these skills isn’t enough for you to succeed in entrepreneurship.

When you’re starting a new project, be willing to get your hands dirty with things you aren’t normally comfortable with. Entrepreneurs should be willing to tackle any obstacle they are faced with. After all, it’s the essence of what entrepreneurship is all about!

Don’t Be Scared Of Competition

Just because something already exists doesn’t mean it can’t be done better or that you can’t profit from it by coming up with something similar yourself. Every-time you’re pissed off with a product or piece of tech should be seen as an opportunity for you to create something better.

Its crucial to learn about your competition and see exactly what their doing to get to where they are. This gives you the ability to discover ways that your company will be superior. Focus on something that your company will excel at, whether that will be user experience, quality of product or customer service. Eventually you want to work on all three of those things, but start off by focusing on becoming the best at one of those things first.

Even though your head is most likely packed with ideas, real entrepreneurs know how to take the next step that will move themselves forward. Pick an idea, focus on it and create something beautiful out of it.