Creating A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Blog

One way of generating an income in affiliate marketing is through creating a blog. Blog that make money through affiliate marketing do so by either promoting products and services on the website itself or by getting people to join an email list and recommending products from there.

Some bloggers choose to use one of these strategies and some openly use both of these strategies.

The affiliate’s that tend to see success are the ones that are open and honest about them receiving commissions from product sales. They also tend to offer incredible value in their content.

They show what they are promoting, write in-depth reviews about things, perform case studies and create actionable content that their visitors can actually benefit from in massive. In return, the visitors click on their affiliate links and go on to buy products that have been recommended.

Successful affiliate marketers proudly stand behind what they promote have in most cases, they’ve used the product themselves.

They cultivate trust in their readers over time by over-delivering on their content and building that relationship. Besides content that is promoting something, the majority of content is usually articles that provide pure value for the reader.

Many bloggers have created successful affiliate marketing websites by following the guidelines above. The power of oneness and honesty cannot be underestimated when it comes to affiliate marketing (or anything really).

Pro’s of affiliate marketing blogs

  • Amazing way to build, authority, trust and reputation which is one of the best ways to promote affiliate products.
  • Gives you the opportunity to quite easily build up an email list of subscribers to grow your business further.
  • You’re able to make affiliate commission through various types of content such as case studies and reviews.
  • Blogs are awesome for generating traffic. It’s easier to rank blog posts compared to things like static homepages and landing pages that don’t have much content.

Con’s of affiliate marketing blogs

Affiliate marketing blogging isn’t all chocolate and roses. There are some cons to consider:

Takes a while to build up your reputation, especially when starting out from scratch.

Most of your content isn’t promotional so the bulk of your work is put into content that doesn’t directly produce income although it does really help with your trust and credibility.

Not the fastest way to make money on the internet because you need to build up your content and traffic before you start seeing results.

How affiliate marketing blogs provide value

  • By simply creating some of the best content out there for your industry. Overwhelm people with value so you become the trusted authority in your niche.
  • By solving problems and providing actionable content that people can use to improve their lives.
  • By being open, honest and always going above and beyond for your visitors.
  • By only promoting things that you truly believe in yourself (and preferably used)
  • By never putting out “half-assed” content just so you can promote something and make a sale.

How you can create your own profitable affiliate marketing blog

  • Pick the niche you want to go into. You can pick virtually anything as pretty much every type of industry has affiliate programs with great products to promote.
  • Ensure there is enough demand for the products and/or services you will be promoting on your blog.
  • Content is the cornerstone of your business. Make sure it is absolutely amazing. Make it better than everything else out there.
  • Check out the competition and find out what content has done really well. Take that piece of content and make it better in every way (in your own words, ofcourse).
  • Network in your niche. Put yourself out there, share their content, link to other people and get involved in other blogs and communities.
  • If you do this in the right way they will return most likely link to you (if your content is worth sharing).
  • Start building your email list from day one. This is a mistake so many bloggers make. They wait till they’ve hit 10,000 visitors a month before they start collecting leads on their site. This is madness. An email list is one of the most powerful ways you can generate an income from your website.

You need to combine great content with content promotion. These two things are absolutely fundamental to the success of any blog.