Hello and welcome to Earthcom!

My name is Yusuf 🙂

I’ve created this blog because i’ve always been fascinated by online business and entrepreneurship. I’m currently working in the corporate world as an project manager but my heart lies with entrepreneurship. I’ve been obsessively reading and observing information for all the major entrepreneurial websites over the past few months.

This has inspired me to start my own blog and write down some of the things I’ve learnt along the way. As I learn new things everyday, I’ve decided to share this new information i’ve absorbed with the internet!

Entrepreneurship represents all the qualities that I find admirable in a person. The knowledge, mindset and failure it takes to become successful in the business world so amazing to me. Entrepreneurs are people who really step out of their comfort zones and push themselves beyond their limits.

Life in the corporate world isn’t exciting. I’m increasingly growing sick of the nine to five slog and would very much like to pursue my own entrepreneurial venture. Who knows, maybe I’ll start my journey whilst i’m still blogging on this site and maybe I can post a weekly diary of my entrepreneurial efforts or something.

Whatever happens, i’m going to enjoy the journey, just like i’ve enjoyed writing this section of the website. It’s all about enjoying the journey! Embracing the ups and downs with open arms, learning from our mistakes and constantly improving ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the content I post on this blog, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about anything.