5 Business Ideas that can be Started While Working a Full-Time Job

Whether you have a fulfilling full-time job, or one that is killing your brain cells as the days go on, when you have a need to start your own business, you do what’s required to become self-employed. If you have a steady job that pays well to cover all the bills and you still want to be on the road to entrepreneurship, it’s something that can’t be ignored.

Yes, it’s risky. The life you live right now is a lot easier than the commitment that you want to take on. But when you take that step to do everything necessary to live by your own rules, it’ll be well worth the fear you felt when stepping out of your comfort zone of that job you were once apprehensive about to quit.

Let’s face it, you need to keep your job so you can stay afloat when starting your business. So what are some profitable niches that you could start your business in, while keeping your job.

It can be difficult to pick the right business that you feel passionate about, as well as something that can be a  home business that’ll result in the lifestyle of your dreams. That’s a lot of criteria BUT there are options.

Keeping Your Full-Time Job

Starting a business while keeping a full-time job has a lot of benefits that include, having room to test markets, get feedback, gain confidence in your business model, and generate income without being rushed by your emptying pocket. Having the ability to discipline yourself when having a full-time job and growing a startup will make it easier for you to scale your business when you’re finally able to quit your job.

The first step in choosing a business model is choosing something that aligns with your values, interests, knowledge, and strengths. After, you need to figure out which business model will be sufficient with the tools and resources you have. With all of this in mind, I created this list of 5 of the best businesses people start while working a full-time job.

The reason this list is different to other businesses that are started is because when working a fulltime job, you’re already exhausted from your normal long routine of working. Starting a business with a full time job requires something that doesn’t require so much of your time initially, as well as a business model that can be fully controlled at your home.

  1. Creating an Online Course

If you’re an expert at something, there is a possibility that there is an audience of people online that are interested in having your depth of knowledge on the topic. If you take your expertise and turn it into a course that gives people the ability to know what you know, or achieve the things you have achieved in your industry, you can have an extremely profitable business online. Something great about this is that this is knowledge that you already have, so all you need to do is transform that into a user friends course. One of the resources that make creating an online course extremely easy is Teachable.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the perfect type of business to start if you’re already living a very busy lifestyle. Many people have used the business model of affiliate marketing to build successful home based businesses.

If you already have a website that is creating traffic in a particular industry, a great way to leverage the blogging that you’re doing is by becoming an affiliate marketer and including other brands in your content, for commissions. If you aren’t an authority in an industry and you don’t have a blog, there are platforms that can guide you through the whole process of becoming a profitable affiliate marketer. Learning affiliate marketing isn’t rocket science, there are plenty of great training program and courses that will guide you through the fundamentals, you can be up and running in no time! 

3. eBooks

If the first option of online courses sounded good because you have expertise in an industry, but you don’t want to be that hands on, eBooks is a great alternative. This is a way to package your skills and knowledge into an eBook that delivers in depth value on the topic you’re teaching. This could be anything from your accounting skills, nailing an interview, public speaking, or even guides on how to start a business. A great resource for learning how to sell eBooks online is by someone named Leslie Samuel. The first thing to do is check how big your audience really is then targeting them to solve their problems.


  1. PPC

If you know how to handle pay-per-click internet marketing, then you have a skill that almost every business is in need of. Taking over small businesses Google’s paid advertising is a monthly retainer that doesn’t actually require a ton of work besides the setup phase. Getting a number of small businesses to manage their PPC will grow your consulting pretty rapidly. Being a freelancer on UpWork doesn’t sound like much, but specializing in paid advertising will bring easy traffic to you.

  1. Landing Page Designer

Online marketing is rapidly growing and learning landing pages can be tedious when it comes to font, colors, pictures, and optimization. If you know how to create great content for landing pages, and have knowledge on optimization, split testing, and beautiful taste in design, then you have a business. You can specialize in charging businesses for creating custom landing pages for each of their campaigns online. This is a service that a number of businesses are willing to pay for. If you aren’t too knowledgeable in landing pages, platforms like Unbounce can be a cheat sheet for beginners.